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  Where and when we run plus training documents from the coach.

Last updated: April 30th, 2019



Current Monday Location:


The Jetty - in Parc René-Lévesque in Lachine. (directions)

Start Time: 6:30 PM.


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Training type: Tempo.


Training leader: David Carrier


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Current Wednesday Location:


Lachine Outdoor Track - behind l'École Dalby-Viau on Esther-Blondin street, north of Provost. (directions)

Start Time: Warmup starts at 7:00 PM, Workout at 7:15 PM.


Training type: Track/Intervals.


Training leader: Coach Javier Cuevas


Current Saturday Locations:


Please note that Saturday training alternates between the three following locations.


First Saturday of the month

Beaver Lake Chalet, Mount Royal (directions)



All other Saturdays

Sportplexe 4 Glaces, 14700, boulevard Pierrefonds, Pierrefonds (directions)





Last Saturday of the month

The Jetty - in Parc René-Lévesque in Lachine. (directions)


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Start Time: 8:00 AM.

Training type: Distance.

Training leader: Michael Thaw




Current Training Program

Note: Coach Kyla's monthly training plans are emailed directly to active members.

If you're a Boreal member and you aren't receiving plans, please email this address.


Coach advises doing the strength training program (below) two to three times per week.
Latest Strength Training Program




Heart Zone Tables

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Positive Affirmations
The Treadmill Cheat Sheet
(Speed Conversions, Pace Times and Target Distances)


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