Boreal Club


  Our guide to improving our running form AND our results.


Coach Kyla Rollinson


Besides Javier Cuevas' extensive career as an elite triathlete, Javier brings many more talents to the table in his role as Boreal head coach. When members of all levels have questions regarding their training routines, he is our source of help and guidance with his extensive experience as a top-level athlete.


 Training Plans:


 Note: Coach Javier creates for us 3 different monthly training plans: for runners aiming for 5-10k races, for those of us training for half  marathons as well as also full marathons. These plans are emailed directly to active members. If you haven't received your latest plan, email us.


 Docs from Coach Javier:


 - Latest Strength Conditioning Plan


 Two Docs on Mental Preparation:

 - Rate Your Mental Preparedness

 - Positive Affirmations


 Other docs:

 - How to Determine your maximum heart rate

 - Heart Zone Tables

 - Heart Zone Form to Fill Out


 Recommended site:

 - McMillan Running Calculator