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Sticking to the plan? (Question for the coach and others)

Sticking to the plan? (Question for the coach and others)

Postby etienne » Thu May 03, 2018 5:08 pm

I don't run very much. I do all sorts of slow cycling, slow swimming, so I do lots at very low intensity. (I go at 20 km/h most of the time with my bike.) I try to run once alone and once on Wednesdays with the gang. I have not completed in a 10 k for many years (Boreal with the hills and the heat was my last), I have never done a 1/2 marathon, the only race I did recently was the Vaudreuil 5 k in 20 minutes, but it was warm and I arrived 5 minutes before the start so I didn't warm up, so I'm not too sure of any of my paces.

The required pace for last workout was 10 k pace. I dream of one day doing it in 40 minutes, so I did the first k in 4:01. The second I did in 3:53. The third in 3:45. I wanted to slow down for the fourth but the time was the same as the third. The fifth same time. The only one that felt really difficult (Kenji was not breaking the wind for me anymore) was the last one in 3:46. The workout felt good but hard. If I had done it all at 4:00, I would have felt really easy.

My question is: should I go easier in order to stick to the plan ?

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Re: Sticking to the plan? (Question for the coach and others

Postby Aldo » Thu May 03, 2018 10:36 pm

Form what you wrote, your goal should instead be to run a 10 K under 38 minutes. So a series of 1 Ks at 3:45 is about right, especially if you have found your six 1 Ks this Wednesday not too strenuous. Moreover, if you do not put too much mileage the rest of the week, it is normal to make up for it by going slightly faster at track.
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Re: Sticking to the plan? (Question for the coach and others

Postby Francois Pichette » Thu May 03, 2018 11:39 pm

Looking at your times, it good to see that you are going faster with every interval. Most runners (like me) go too fast early on and then start to fade loosing time as fatigue starts to set in. What seems relatively easy early on gets much tougher on the 5-6 interval.

Best thing for you to do in my opinion is to race a 10k race and see what your time is. Then you will know your true 10k pace.

It's perfectly fine to complete a workout without killing yourself and as Kyla would say: Feel like a rock star!
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Re: Sticking to the plan? (Question for the coach and others

Postby paul » Tue May 08, 2018 11:23 am

etienne wrote:(Kenji was not breaking the wind for me anymore)

If no one else is available to help, I'm pretty good at breaking wind.
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Re: Sticking to the plan? (Question for the coach and others

Postby Coach » Wed May 09, 2018 9:15 am

It's ok to run faster than your pace especially when we are talking about goal race. I'm not saying you should over extend yourself everytime you come to the track just because you don't run as much during the week. Anytime you are at the track we can discuss how to maximise the set based on your objectives.

The 6x 1k is a good predictor of 5k which based on your pace would 18:45. We can double it and at 1m for 10k and you should be able to do go under 38:30. If you really like a predictor of 10k we would you a 6x 2k set
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