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Boréal Running Club Facebook Page Change

Boréal Running Club Facebook Page Change

Postby jean-b » Sat Mar 17, 2018 3:36 pm

Hey all,

As discussed and agreed at our Executive meeting recently, just to let you know that I changed the settings of our FaceBook page from Private to Public today. Therefore, as of now, our page will be visible to all that join. I checked our page for content and I felt comfortable with it. It reflects a vibrant, active group, fun group of people that are sharing, albeit not in a structured way, information, photos, events, etc. I also added a short bilingual description about our club and a link to registration on our web site. Our web site will remain another way for the team to communicate outwardly (and it requires a bit of love and care for updating as well).

We stand today at 63 members on the page so let's see how this grows and if it does. I would recommend and request the following from you. The interest in the page, in complement to our web site, is only as good as the freshness of the content. Therefore, please:

-Post interesting information about running
-Post information about events
-Post pictures from our training or events
-Post equally in english and in french (our page is mostly english)
-Push peeople that have interest or friends that are runners to like our page and join
-Post running specific items on your page as well as the clubs Page.)

At this point, I have not turned on approval for posting so any members can post. I will do some checking on a regular basis just to assure new members (or existing members...) are not posting unacceptable content.

The goal here is to progressivily leverage this social channel to create more awareness in the Boreal brand and reach out to potential new members.


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