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Fall Philosophy

Fall Philosophy

Postby Coach » Tue Nov 07, 2017 11:38 pm

As many of you may have noticed while reading the November plans, or simply reading the text accompanying the plans (thank you Paul), I am looking at a slightly different form of programming moving into 2018. The big lines consist of the following:

1) Keep consistent running volume higher than previous years (aka no major dips or spikes in the volume totals from week to week)

2) Keep training polarized where possible; do harder running with more recovery/recovery between hard run sessions

3) Focus on key technical cues and process driven workout goals.

I am happy to discuss any or all of these things if you like to comment or start a conversation string that I am a part the meantime, I will keep working on the feedback from the video that Marianne and I took last Wednesday so we can get that off to you this week! See you all tomorrow.

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