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Sat Sept 30 race results

Sat Sept 30 race results

Postby david » Sun Oct 01, 2017 6:22 pm

Leave it to Alex to find this race :? . Beer mile. Run 400m on a track fast as you can then chug a cold bud, repeat 4 times. Just imagine that.


Beer Mile


Alex Gombos 0:10:09

This would be something to watch or maybe not...

Cross-Country Saint-Laurent Sélect


Peter Grivakes 0:11:04 2nd place in age category ... ceid=44077

Daniel Cross had a time of 7:04.6


Mario Collin 0:24:54 2nd place in age category
Brian Gibb 0:50:42 ... ceid=44076

Brian never gives up. Go Brian.
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